Health 1st.....Happiness Forever

Prano Flax is proud of being the first  in India to introduce Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil of international quality along with a wide range of other healthy cold pressed oil of extra virgin grade under the brand name of "Health 1st".  

We present a range of exquisite culinary oils which are beneficial for overall health.   These oils, having been gently and carefully squeezed out from choicest nuts and seeds,  are unprocessed. Unrefined. 100% Natural and just the way Mother Nature intended them to be. 

Our products are a result of strict quality control starting from selection of quality nuts and oil seeds up to the finished product in carefully packed bottled oils and convenient single-use vacuum-sealed sachets of ground flaxseed.

We hope you will enjoy these products for the taste and the health benefits that they naturally offer.

Wishing good health to all.

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